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Welcome to the ProtectMyID Blog

Lessons and stories from the front lines of fighting identity theft.


Video Insight: Medical Identity Theft – Reactions and Responsibility

Aug 03

Dr. Larry Ponemon =describes the surprising reaction that most victims have to finding out they have been victims of medical identity theft, as well as victims expectations of third parties who could potentially be involved.

Identity Theft News Roundup

Aug 01

Identity Theft News Roundup Not every case of identity theft makes the news, but identity theft happens often enough that there is a lot of news about this crime. Here’s a roundup of some of the latest stories of identity theft and tips on how to avoid it.

Protecting My Mom’s Identity After Her Death

Jul 30

Protecting My Mom’s Identity After Her Death Unfortunately, stealing the identity of a deceased person – sometimes known as “ghosting” – is becoming tragically common. If you find yourself in the unfortunate position of having to write the obituary of someone you love, here are a few tips to help protect against identity theft.

Video Insight: Medical Identity Theft – Often a Family Affair

Jul 27

Dr. Larry Ponemon explains how many instances of medical identity theft originate in the family.

Keep Summer Carefree: Tips for a Safe and Enjoyable Summer

Jul 25

Keep Summer Carefree: Tips for a Safe and Enjoyable Summer Summertime – the kids are home, parties are thrown, visitors are coming in and out … amidst all the fun, make sure to protect your identity. Increased traffic in and out of your home can increase your risk of identity theft. Just because summer fun carries an increased risk of identity theft doesn’t mean you have to live in a cave. Enjoy your summer while taking some simple steps to protect your identity.

Child Identity Protection

Jul 23

Child Identity Protection Richard Power of Carnegie Mellon CyLab, recently published a report on child identity theft based on identity protection scans of over 40,000 U.S. children. The findings are alarming, and include the fact that 10.2% of the children studied had someone else using their Social Security numbers. To provide perspective, among adults in the same population, the figure is 0.2%. This means that as identity theft becomes more rampant, increasingly, children are the targets.

Video Insight: Trends in Medical Identity Theft

Jul 20

Dr. Larry Ponemon shares results from Ponemon Institute's Third Annual Survey on Medical Identity Theft, sponsored by Experian's ProtectMyID. In this video, he reveals trends in medical identity theft discovered in his recent study.

Summer Safety Challenge

Jul 18

Summer Safety Challenge The change of seasons is always an invitation for personal improvement initiatives. Are you up for our Summertime Safety Challenge? Here are our Top 5 Identity Protection Tips. How many have you completed?

How to Make Mobile Banking Safer

Jul 16

How to Make Mobile Banking Safer Mobile banking is still relatively new, not just to you but to the market. There may be security risks we aren’t aware of yet. And, if it’s easy and convenient for you to access your bank accounts, the same goes for an identity thief that may come across your mobile phone.

Social Networking: A Real-Time Danger

Jul 13

Social Networking: A Real-Time Danger More and more people are using their mobile devices for social networking. One study revealed that 64.2 million smartphone users accessed a social networking site or blog at least once in December 2011 using a mobile device. More than half kept up that access on a daily basis. While it’s fun to share your vacation in real time, it might also be dangerous.