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Make the Most of Summer Fun: Keep Identity Theft at Bay

Jun 22

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There’s just no time of the year more relaxing than the long days of summer– the time of year meant for hammocks, parties on the patio, and firing up the grill. When the kids are home and visitors roll into town to toast them, parties are thrown and it’s time to celebrate across the country. As you plan your big summer tentpole events, there’s more to think about than just dusting off the patio furniture and hosing down the deck. Make sure that you’re not throwing caution to the wind as you play the role of host (or hostess) with the most(ess).

When you enlist help to pull off your big event, make sure you think information security before others enter the picture so you can focus on keeping glasses filled and kids out of the pool. When a flurry of summer activity means a busy calendar for you, it’s the worst time for identity theft to strike. Here are a few simple ideas to keep in mind as your big summer plans approach:

  • Secure and store your important documents. Make sure no sensitive information is left out when others come into your space, whether to work or to play (and celebrate).
  • Never invite strangers into your home. Even if someone you don’t know provides a compelling reason to come in, don’t be afraid to stand firm and decline.
  • Only hire reputable professionals for work in your home. It’s often said the best recommendation is a personal one. Tap friends first to see who they can recommend when you need to get in touch for gardening or maintenance work, housekeeping help, a caterer, childcare, or more.
  • Secure your computers. Keep computers, tablets, and other mobile devices password-protected with complex passwords that you update regularly. Additionally, keep them turned off when they aren’t being used.
  • Be wary of emails asking for personal information. Phishing emails have become common identity theft ploys; real companies will never solicit your personal or payment information via email (or phone, for that matter).

Ready to make the most of summer fun? Keep these few ideas in mind as you ramp up to starting on big projects or celebrations, to make sure you’re not dealing with an identity theft incident in its wake.