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Summer Travel and Identity Theft: Survey Results

Jun 16

As the long days of summer approach, vacation getaways pop up on the calendars of many Americans. A recent survey conducted by Experian found that, while we may be getting better about protecting our information regularly, we’re all too willing to toss those practices out the window when we’re planning for, enjoying, or recovering from a vacation.

According to survey findings, 39 percent of respondents have become the victims of identity theft while traveling, or know someone who had – a 9 point jump in the last year. According to Guy Abramo, president of consumer business at Experian Consumer Services, vacationers know more about the risks present during travel, but aren’t doing enough to protect their information. “These survey results help give consumers insights into the actions they should be taking to better protect themselves,” he said.

Are your good habits taking a vacation while you travel? See how they fare:


View the complete survey results and methodology here:

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