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The Heartbleed Bug & Protecting Your Identity

Apr 22

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The Heartbleed Bug has been in the news and many websites are talking about it. We’ve got the 411 on what it is, what it means to you and how you can make sure to protect your identity from it and online in general.

What is Heartbleed?

The “Heartbleed” Bug has impacted some popular sites.  Basically, this means that the usernames and passwords you use to login to some sites could be compromised because of this security threat.

What does Heartbleed mean to you?® is not affected. However, some popular sites were and you may need to check some of your other online accounts. You can see a visualization of some sites that were impacted here and CNET has created a list of sites that were affected.

How can you protect your identity?

There’s no guaranteed way to stay safe. But, changing your passwords on sites that were impacted is a good start. Additionally, it’s smart to regularly monitor your bank and credit card statements so you can catch anything that looks suspicious. While doing your spring cleaning, you can also clean up things that could put your identity at risk.

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