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INFOGRAPHIC: Holiday Shopping Tips

Nov 29

The cyber shopping bonanza that accompanies the holidays is an identity thief’s feast. Take simple precautions to keep your holidays merry and bright. Happy Holidays from the team at ProtectMyID.

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  1. kelly
    Dec 12 at 12:02

    I had my credit card duplicated and used on black Friday. I just happened to check my account within 5-10 mins of it being used . How can i protect myself from that happening again?
    Was used as a debit care in Tx at a walmart there.


    Becky Reply:

    Hi Kelly, Sorry that happened to you. Sounds like you card was likely run through a skimming machine in order to be duplicated. It’s hard to identify skimming machines since they can be inserted on the inside of gas pumps, ATMs, etc. Use caution at remote ATMs and don’t use gas pumps that look like the card reader’s been tampered with. Identity theft isn’t 100 percent prevantatable, but you can monitor your identity and watch for signs to stop it in its tracks. If you don’t have a monitoring membership at ProtectMyID, consider it. If you cannot include monitoring in your budget, check your credit repoort at This is the federally mandated site where you can check one credit report from each credit reporting agency once a year for free. So, that’s three reports a year. Some people check them all at once, others check every four months. Best of luck to you.


  2. donna mcguire
    Jan 17 at 07:03

    You give up a site not easy to use. I may never shop Target again. I can not check my credit with this. Very disappointed in Target. Donna


    Becky Reply:

    Here’s how to register:
    1. Visit to request an activation code. Guests will be required to submit their name and an email address. After submitting their information, Target will email guests within 72 hours with their unique activation code and directions for how to enroll in ProtectMyID. Guests should look for this email and check that it does not end up in a “junk” mailbox. Emails collected during this process will only be used for the purpose of sending an activation code for free credit monitoring.
    2. After guests receive their activation code from Target, they may visit and use the code to start the enrollment process. It will be important to verify the code entered matches the notification received from Target. Also, guests must be sure to click the red “Click to Redeem Your Activation Code” button (or use the “ENTER” key).
    3. Enroll in ProtectMyID. Guests will need to provide Experian with personal information such as name, address, date of birth and social security number. Experian asks for personal information so that identities can be verified during the registration process and future log-ins. This is strictly a security measure to ensure no one else, including Target, will have access to that information.



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