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INFOGRAPHIC: Identity Theft Online & Offline

Oct 21

Admittedly, there’s only so much worrying you can do. An Identity Theft Survey performed by Harris Interactive revealed that Americans are not doing enough when it comes to simple ways you can reduce the risk of identity theft. Are you familiar with the concept of picking the low-hanging fruit? Here are simple things you can do better to protect yourself from identity theft.

  • Reduce the amount of information you are sharing on social networking sites. Consider how many ‘security questions’ can be revealed by researching your profile. Mother’s maiden name? First pet’s name? High school mascot? The list goes on….
  • Password protect your computer and mobile devices. An unlocked device is an identity thief’s treasure chest. This precaution is too simple to skip.
  • Keep your Social Security number under wraps. Even if a form asks for it, there’s a good chance it’s not needed. Offer to provide your SSN ‘as needed’. After all, if you don’t get that apartment or job, that prospective landlord or employer doesn’t need your SSN lying around. And don’t be part of the one-third of American’s who still carries their Social Security card in their purse or wallet.

Need more fruit to add to your basket? Review these findings to see where most Americans go wrong, and then make sure you go right.


The data points referenced above come from a study commissioned by Experian’s ProtectMyID, produced by Harris Interactive and conducted online in October 2013 among a nationally representative sample of 2,041 U.S. adults ages 18 and older.

This article is provided for general guidance and information. It is not intended as, nor should it be construed to be, legal, financial or other professional advice. Please consult with your attorney or financial advisor to discuss any legal or financial issues involved with credit decisions.

Published by permission from, Inc.  © 2013, Inc.  All rights reserved.