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Experian Consumer Services Honored with Best in Class Call Center Award

Jun 25

best in class call center

ProtectMyID® is part of Experian Consumer Services and we are pleased that our call centers were recently recognized as Best in Class. Here are the details.

Experian Consumer Services (ECS) was recognized as the winner of the “Best in Class Call Center” category at the industry-leading Call Center Excellence Awards at the recent Call Center Week’s Awards Luncheon. The winners were announced by, a division of the International Quality & Productivity Center (IQPC), in front of 1,200 customer service executives at the 14th Annual Call Center Week, the largest, most comprehensive call center event in the world.

The Experian Consumer Services call center is comprised of hundreds of employees who deliver a personalized experience assisting customers with credit- and identity theft-related issues. The center is built on the philosophy of E3: Exceptional Experiences Every time, which allows the team to retain internal and external customers, attract large partners and drive continuous improvement at every touch-point.

“We would like to thank the International Quality & Productivity Center for this award and recognition of our team’s commitment to providing the best possible service to our customers,” said Doug Sash, senior vice president of customer engagement for Experian Consumer Services. “Our customer care representatives use their knowledge and skills to create an exceptional and valuable experience for each member who calls.”

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  1. james holt
    Jul 14 at 07:38

    my debit card was used in WI and I live in SC. I had to cancel my card. your company never caught the ID Thief using my card. What do you do for my protection.


    Becky Reply:

    Hello James. Sorry that happened to you. Here’s a link to ProtectMyID product features so you can better understand what we do to protect our members and their credit. Glad you were able to work with your bank about the issue with your debit card.


  2. Larisey Jarrett
    Oct 03 at 16:06

    You have deceived me…TOTALLY. I try to log into my Membership and you send me to a error page and will not allow me to login. You are a crook of a company. You have my email address. Please answer my question: WHY WANT YOU LET ME LOG INTO MY ACCOUNT WITH YOU??? The State of South Carolina and the IRS disclosed all of our personal information because they were negligent. Now you are ignoring me…WHY???


    Becky Reply:

    Thanks for contacting us. We’re sorry you are having issues logging in to your account. It could be that more information is needed to authenicate you (for your own protection). Please call 1-866-960-6943.


  3. pakratz2
    Nov 18 at 13:18

    I keep getting alerts that I have a charge off every month. I have never had a charge off in my llife, nor have I ever even been late paying a bill in my life. This is not correct information you are reporting. It MAY belong to my husband, I don’t know, but I have not signed an agreement to be on his accounts and don’t want to be on his accounts. This was done without my knowledge. Also, how can I unsuscribe from the Protect My ID email alerts?


    Becky Reply:

    The information reported on the alerts is what is included on your credit report. That information is provided to the credit reporting agencies from the lenders. If you suspect there is a mistake on your credit report, please contact customer care and they can help you initiate a dispute to remove any innacuracies on the report. 1-866-960-6943


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