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Living In a Data Breach World

May 23


Data breach woes aren’t just plaguing the United States. The world over, data breach incidents are happening at government, technology, education, healthcare, retail and financial service organizations. These are the industries in which the biggest and most breaches are occurring, according to KPMG’s Data Loss Barometer.

Truth be told, data breaches happen at any type of business, from local dental clinics to big online retailers. The discomforting part is, the privacy of our data depends on the companies with which we share it. And sometimes those companies share data with third-party vendors, such as payment processors or cloud service providers, that we don’t even know about. So you can see why data breaches have become so prevalent–both people and companies have data in so many places.

To help protect yourself against data breaches – remember we’re all at risk – use these tips:

  • Only shop with reputable companies, especially online, where you can check that a website’s order page begins with “https:” before entering any personal data.
  • If an organization other than a financial institution, utility company or employer asks for your Social Security number, ask whether you can provide only the last four digits or an alternate form of identification.
  • If a company with which you have an online account has a breach, change your password immediately. If you use that same password for other accounts, update those accounts too. Also delete any stored credit card information from your online accounts.
  • If you receive a notification letter from a breached company, follow any instructions for securing your identity and stay on alert for the signs of identity theft.

Data breach prevention is up to businesses. But if you only patronize those that you know value your privacy and security, you can rest a little easier.

To further your sense of security, always stay up to date with your ProtectMyID® membership. We check daily for 50 signs of identity theft, which can result when your data is exposed in a breach. We’ll alert you to any signs we detect. To receive your Surveillance Alert™ notifications by text message, log in and enter your mobile number.

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  1. joseph keogh
    Sep 05 at 10:00

    first hour you mess up, why would I trust you with my information? I cant access my account, what good are you?


    Becky Reply:

    Joseph, Thanks for the feedback about your account. We are built and backed by Experian and take steps to make sure your account information is protected. Sounds like there might have been an account authentication issue. Rest assured, these security measures are in place to help protect your information. Please contact our customer care team so they can help you with your issue. The number is 1-866-960-6943.


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