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Posts from January, 2013

Trends and Predictions for Identity Theft in 2013

Jan 31

Trends and Predictions for Identity Theft in 2013 A new year means it’s time for the annual Trends and Predictions report. Technology-related opportunities for thieves and scammers are more present in our daily lives than ever before. Here are the top three new problems we think we will see in 2013.

‘Vaccinate’ Against Medical Identity Theft

Jan 23

‘Vaccinate’ Against Medical Identity Theft Medical identity theft is on the rise. A study by the Ponemon Institute indicates that 2 million Americans are victims of medical identity theft each year. Medical identity theft can damage your credit rating and finances, and even compromise your health care. Take steps to minimize your risk of this type of identity theft.

New Year, New You, New Passwords

Jan 16

New Year, New You, New Passwords Something about the first few months of the year infuses us with an enthusiasm for change, which may be why New Year’s resolutions are so popular. This year, why not channel that positive energy into change that can make a real difference in your security?

Resolutions for a Safer 2013

Jan 09

Resolutions for a Safer 2013 Most New Year’s resolutions focus on self-improvement. Self-improvement is a good thing, but you should also emphasize self-preservation. Start 2013 with the resolve to improve your identity protection measures. Here are five must-make safety resolutions.