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Celebrating Grandparents’ Day – Give Them More than Hugs!

Sep 07

Grandparents’ Day will be celebrated on Sunday, September 9, 2012 and, for many, it’s a celebration that’s too understated and too infrequent. After all, we are the living embodiment of their legacy: nearly everything we enjoy can be attributed to our ancestors’ efforts.

Census data released in recent years has highlighted the wealth that our nation’s senior citizens have worked hard to accumulate. Indeed, a lifetime of being fiscally responsible has yielded, for many, strong savings and excellent credit. Unfortunately, this also means that the elderly are one of the largest groups of identity theft victims.

So, as we celebrate our loved ones, let’s also make it a priority to ensure they are adequately protecting all they have worked for. Seniors should know the signs of identity theft, and how to protect themselves. And, if worrying about identity theft is the furthest thing from their mind in their golden years, seniors should know that we’re prepared to do the worrying and monitoring on their behalf.

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