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Internet Safety Toolkit: Passwords

Jun 15

June is National Internet Safety Month and ProtectMyID is celebrating by sharing posts that will help you stay safe online. Today’s topic covers an often overlooked safety precaution: passwords.

Despite expert warnings, many people continue to use short, trivial passwords. These types of passwords are easily cracked, leaving accounts vulnerable to hackers and fraudsters. Passwords that contain easily guessed information (birthday, pet’s name, your name, and so forth) rise to the top of the weak password list.

Last winter, Mashable featured the 25 worst passwords of all time. Take a look, and if any of these passwords are currently in use by you, change them now!  Some common offenders are:


Fraudsters gain access to many accounts just by entering common passwords. There’s a reason why these passwords consistently show up on lists; they make managing multiple online accounts easier. In this case though, the risk greatly outweighs the benefits.

Some people choose to write down all passwords. If this is you, just make sure to keep that list under lock and key. For more comprehensive tips, check out “5 Tools for Keeping Track of Your Passwords.”*

Passwords are a first line of defense against identity thieves, fraudsters and hackers. Don’t forget to use them to stay safe online

*ProtectMyID does not endorse or recommend any password management products.