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Lessons and stories from the front lines of fighting identity theft.


Posts from June, 2012

Video Insight: The Costs of Medical Identity Theft

Jun 29

Dr. Larry Ponemon shares results from Ponemon Institute's Third Annual Survey on Medical Identity Theft, sponsored by Experian's ProtectMyID. In this video, he talks about the increasing costs to the victim of medical identity theft.

Summer Travel: Tips for a Safer Vacation

Jun 27

Summer Travel: Tips for a Safer Vacation Summer has arrived, and for many, it’s time to travel. It’s harvest time for identity thieves too, though, so before you leave for your vacation, be sure to follow these tips to secure your home and to protect your identity.

Four Simple Tips for Safe Summer Travel

Jun 25

Four Simple Tips for Safe Summer Travel Summer is also a busy vacation season, as many families take advantage of the great weather and time off. It’s important to take certain steps to ensure your summer trip doesn’t turn into a nightmare. Here are four simple summer safety tips to help you along the way.

Moving Time & Identity Protection

Jun 22

Moving Time & Identity Protection Moving can be an overwhelming experience that creates opportunities for enterprising criminals. Make sure to protect your identity amidst the shuffle by following these smart steps.

Securing Your Home Wireless Networks

Jun 20

Securing Your Home Wireless Networks Homes are often underprotected where Internet safety is concerned. We install wireless networks in order to be able to take advantage of modern technology from every corner and every device, but we don’t always protect ourselves from the dangers that accompany this modern convenience. Here are some helpful tips to increase your network’s security.

Say What? Identity Theft Glossary

Jun 18

Say What? Identity Theft Glossary Identity theft – one of the nation’s most lucrative and fastest growing crimes – is something that every individual needs to understand. Yet, commonly used terms like smishing, bot, trojan and spyware can leave one feeling even more confused and unprepared. In efforts to make you an expert on how to protect yourself, we've compiled a list of basic identity theft terms that every consumer should know.

Internet Safety Toolkit: Passwords

Jun 15

Internet Safety Toolkit: Passwords Despite expert warnings, many people continue to use short, trivial passwords. These types of passwords are easily cracked, leaving accounts vulnerable to hackers and fraudsters. Passwords that contain easily guessed information rise to the top of the weak password list.

Apply for a Job, Not for Identity Theft

Jun 13

Apply for a Job, Not for Identity Theft It’s that time of year when many people, especially students, are searching for a summer job. As you’re looking, bear in mind that identity thieves are looking for a paycheck too – they want your identity. When you fill out applications, you’re putting nearly all of your personal information on paper and often placing it in the hands of a stranger. This is the stuff of identity thieves’ dreams. Make sure you take the steps necessary to protect your identity.

Your Engagement and Your Identity

Jun 11

Your Engagement and Your Identity Congratulations on your engagement! You’re about to embark on an exciting journey; we’re talking about wedding planning, of course. Here are some tips to help prevent additional difficulties along the way.

Identity Theft Basics: the Frontline of Defense

Jun 08

Identity Theft Basics: the Frontline of Defense New identity theft schemes are hatched every day. Yet, we have enough to do in life without having to worry about continuously staying one step ahead of identity thieves. Incorporate these basic tips into your life and make protecting yourself from identity theft a habit rather than a task.