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Getting Your Lost or Stolen Social Security Card Replaced

Mar 21

At ProtectMyID, we aim to provide you with useful information about all things related to identity theft. According to the Social Security Administration, a Social Security number is important because you need it in order to get a job, collect Social Security benefits, and receive other government services. Many other businesses, such as banks and credit companies, also ask for your number.

So, if your Social Security card is lost or stolen, a lot is at stake. With your unique number, a thief can apply for credit, even a mortgage, in your name. According to the SSA, there are some steps to take to get your card replaced.

You can replace your card or your child’s card for free if it is lost or stolen. However, you are limited to three replacement cards in a year and 10 during your lifetime. Legal name changes and other exceptions do not count toward these limits. For example, changes in noncitizen status that require card updates may not count toward these limits. Also, you may not be affected by these limits if you can prove you need the card to prevent a significant hardship.

To get a replacement card, you will need to:

  • Complete an Application For A Social Security Card (Form SS-5);
  • Present a recently issued document to show your identity;
  • Show evidence of your U.S. citizenship if you were born outside the United States and did not show proof of citizenship when you got your card; and
  • Show evidence of your current lawful noncitizen status if you are not a U.S. citizen.

Your replacement card will have the same name and number as your previous card. In addition to the information above, you can find more at or by calling the Social Security Administration at 1-800-772-1213.