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What ProtectMyID Gives Its Members

Dec 23

It’s a time of giving and while we at ProtectMyID think this blog should educate you, dear reader, about identity theft, today we are going to talk about what ProtectMyID gives its members. Several years ago, ProtectMyID was founded with the purpose of protecting its members’ identities. I am pleased to say we are more committed than ever to protecting our members from identity theft. Here’s how we help keep your identity safe:

Daily Detection
Knowing whether you can feel secure about your personal information can be just as confusing as knowing how to protect it. Let us take the task off your hands. Trust in comprehensive protection. Learn more

Internet Scans
The digital world has created an easy way for crime rings to sell, trade and buy your personal information online. We alert you if we detect that your Social Security, debit or credit card numbers are exposed online. Learn more

Address Safeguard
You feel safe at home. You’ll feel safer knowing you’ll be alerted if criminals try to redirect your mail out of your hands and into their own. ProtectMyID brings assurance on multiple levels every day. Learn more

Medical Defense
It’s a sickening feeling to receive a collection letter notifying you that someone else received medical services using your stolen medical insurance information. Protect your identity with ProtectMyID. Learn more

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  1. Charlotte Richter
    Feb 18 at 12:43

    Ever since recieving the notice for recieving credit protection in January, I have tried to foloww instrictions and have not been able to properly sign up for this service with the acitvation code given me of TGTVWD4QG. Will you please reply to my email address giving me a solution.


    Becky Reply:

    Hi Charlotte, I sent you an email with my contact information, I’m happy to help, please feel free to give me a call. – Glen


  2. Becky
    Feb 17 at 08:57

    Hi Nathan, Some of our ProtectMyID memberships offer all three bureau monitoring, and some only monitor Experian. I located your membership by your email address and looks like you have all three bureau monitoring. Is there anything else I can help you with? Thanks, -Ashlee


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