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What I Learned at the ProtectMyID Booth: AARP Life at 50+ Recap

Sep 26

Members of the ProtectMyID team were at the AARP Life at 50+ event that took place last week. As a blogger, I was interested in attending and speaking with folks on the exhibit show floor. Hundreds and hundreds of attendees stopped by the booth. Some wanted to learn more about identity theft and ways to protect your identity. Others came right up to me and said, “Let me tell you what happened to me.” The common thread between the dozens of people that told me about their experiences with identity theft is that they NEVER thought it would happen to them. Never. I say this a lot, but let me say it here again. Identity theft can happen to anyone.

I was surprised when some people came to the booth, looked at the information we had and said, “I shred all my mail, so it won’t happen to me.” These days, there are so many ways that your data can be stolen or lost, putting you at greater risk of identity theft. While shredding and other measures do help mitigate your identity theft risks, it is cavalier to think that it can’t happen to you.

If you are already taking steps to protect your identity, good work. If not, take a look at this blog and learn about topics from skimming to cybersecurity and start today to protect yourself. Finally, check out to learn about what we can do to help you safeguard your identity.