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Posts from June, 2011

Keeping Kids Safe Online: As Easy As STOP. THINK. CONNECT.

Jun 29

By Michael Kaiser, Executive Director, National Cyber Security Alliance Summertime has arrived. Without school, children will have more time to browse the Internet through their cell phones, gaming devices and home computers. What can parents and guardians do to help kids stay safe and secure online while still having fun? Be part of STOP. THINK. CONNECT., the national awareness campaign for cybersecurity. You don’t have to be tech expert to help the children in your life stay safe and secure online. You can teach them STOP. THINK. CONNECT. Remember, a great deal of staying safe online is good decision making. Check out our basic tips and advice below.

Myths and Facts: Identity Risks at Hotels

Jun 27

Myths and Facts: Identity Risks at Hotels You carefully choose a hotel for your summer vacation based on location, services or price. You should be just as careful with your identity while you’re there. Here are some myths and facts about identity theft prevention while staying in hotels.

Be Aware of Jet-Setting Identity Thieves

Jun 24

Be Aware of Jet-Setting Identity Thieves “Staycation” was the buzzword of summer 2010. This summer, the Air Transport Association expects a 1.5 percent increase in air travel. That means the airports you visit will be more crowded and your plane might be too. This also creates more chances for your personal information to fall into the wrong hands. There are simply more hands around to grab it and eyes to see it.

Geotags and SSNs: Two identity risks for children

Jun 22

Geotags and SSNs: Two identity risks for children Summer safety for your children doesn’t just apply to sunscreen and insect repellent. Or to knee pads and helmets. It applies to their identities, especially to Social Security numbers and geotags.

Make No Mistake, Children Aren’t Safe from Identity Theft

Jun 20

Make No Mistake, Children Aren’t Safe from Identity Theft You can be too young to drive a car. Or too young to vote. But you can’t be too young to be a victim of identity theft. Anyone with a Social Security number is a target, from a baby to a toddler to a teen.

Summer Job Applications Can Be A “HOT” Item For Identity Thieves

Jun 17

Summer’s here and you may be thinking about working a part time job just to make some extra cash. Before you start filling out online or paper applications, think about what information is being asked of you, and what you should (and shouldn’t) provide.

Tips To Protect Your Identity While On Vacation

Jun 15

Tips To Protect Your Identity While On Vacation Summer is in the air and you are probably planning out your vacation for some well deserved rest and relaxation in a warm vacation spot. However, you should be aware that your sunny and warm destination can be a hotbed for identity theft.

Roommates and Identity Theft

Jun 13

Roommates and Identity Theft I was speaking with a friend recently and the conversation turned to work. Of course, when I mentioned identity theft, he began to tell me about his friend’s recent experience with the crime. The story involved theft and an attempt to completely take over this person’s identity. Intrigued, I asked to speak with my friend’s friend. Here’s his story.

Easily-Cracked Passwords Can Lead To Identity Theft

Jun 10

Easily-Cracked Passwords Can Lead To Identity Theft Quick, what’s your go-to password? Everyone had them, the easily remembered passwords used for multiple accounts. Whether it’s the classic (and classically dangerous) 1 2 3 4, a pet’s or family member’s name, or the name of your elementary school, your password can put you in serious danger for identity theft and account takeover. Luckily, you can change our passwords to stronger, better tools to help you fight identity theft.

Seniors and Identity Theft

Jun 08

By Nikki Junker, The Identity Theft Resource Center The injuries suffered by an older person from physical abuse or neglect are tragic, but there is another form of abuse not as publicized called “financial exploitation.” Financial abuse or exploitation can rob a senior of self-esteem and trust as well as his or her means of subsistence. It is a serious and shameful crime. When a relative, friend or caretaker exploits an older person and manages to drain away savings, assets and good credit that have taken years to accumulate and establish, the result can be devastating.