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Members of the Military Are Targets for Identity Thieves

May 30

As we celebrate Memorial Day, it’s important to remember the members of the military who have given so much in the line of service for the country. Unfortunately, members of the military have become prime targets of identity thieves.

According to USA Today, the Department of Defense since the late ’60s has used Social Security numbers for everything from dog tags to chow-line rosters. Such wide use of SSNs as identifiers exposes members of the military to increased risks of identity theft.

Military officials told the paper that ID cards are being upgraded as they expire, using bar codes, magnetic stripes and other electronic authentication tools, but the process will take years. Being deployed for long periods of time also adds to the risk of identity theft.

Military members who want to protect themselves are allowed by law to place an active duty alert on their credit reports. They can also enroll in products like ProtectMyID that will monitor their credit for more than 50 indicators of fraud and scan the Internet for use of their SSNs, debit or credit cards. If anything is detected, they will be alerted to it and have the help of an Identity Theft Resolution Agent to help them resolve the issue.

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