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Lessons and stories from the front lines of fighting identity theft.


Posts from May, 2011

Members of the Military Are Targets for Identity Thieves

May 30

As we celebrate Memorial Day, it’s important to remember the members of the military who have given so much in the line of service for the country. Unfortunately, members of the military have become prime targets of identity thieves. According a USA Today, the Department of Defense since the late '60s has used Social Security numbers for everything from dog tags to chow-line rosters. Such wide use of the SSN as an identifier exposes members of the military to increased risk of theft.

Use Common Sense When Booking Travel Online

May 27

Many of us are looking for good deals when booking travel. Indeed, this can be a good way for you to find a dream vacation at a more affordable price. But beware of deals that seem too good to be true. They can lead to identity theft. There are smaller travel agencies that can offer clients good deals, but if you are attempting to book travel through an unknown site, take a few precautionary steps.

Tips to Avoid Pick Pockets When Traveling

May 25

For all you readers planning travel to countries that use mass transportation as a major means of getting around, this post is for you. Many cities in Europe and elsewhere attract many tourists every summer. Local shops come to rely on the throngs of travelers and the business they bring. Other people also rely on tourists for the money they bring, enterprising identity thieves. Many rings of identity thieves work the mass transit systems and tourist hubs to steal people’s ID cards, credit cards and other valuables without their knowledge. Follow the tips below to keep your valuables safe when traveling.

Before You Travel: Tips to Protect Your Identity

May 23

Memorial Day is right around the corner and will kick off the summer travel season. Summer vacations can be so exciting. Whether you’re headed to a far off location or taking a road trip to see friends or family, there are certain steps you should take before you leave to protect your identity. The last thing you want to come home to is the mess caused by identity theft. By following the few tips outlined below provided by the Identity Theft Resource Center, you can help reduce your risk of identity theft during your travels.

My child’s SSN was used to buy a home! What do I do?

May 20

As a parent, you worry about the safety of your child. You work to teach them about stranger danger, online threats and to look both ways before crossing the street. There are certain things they can’t do for themselves and one is to know if they’ve been a victim of identity theft. A friend recently […]

ProtectMyID Fraud Case #21

May 18

ProtectMyID Fraud Case #21 The purpose of this blog series is to educate people about the ways that identities are stolen. Keep in mind, these stories are true (although I have omitted specific details for our members’ protection) and are described by our Identity Theft Resolution Agents. As you read these stories, think about ways that you can protect yourself from identity theft.

Protect Your Child from Identity Theft

May 16

In speaking with ProtectMyID's Identity Theft Resolution Agents I hear devastating stories of how identity theft affects the children involved in divorce. In one case, the member found out her ex-husband used their child’s Social Security number when she was notified with a monitoring alert. Her ex had opened up lines of credit and utility accounts under his own child’s Social Security number. On top of that, he left her to clean up the mess by ruining his child’s credit status.

Protect Yourself from Skimming

May 13

Protect Yourself from Skimming Skimming is in the news again. Here at the ProtectMyID blog, we've covered this topic before (here, here, and here) and wanted to provide a refesher about how to protect yourself from skimming. As you hear more about this crime in the news, keep the follwoing statement in mind, from our very own Klaudette Chirstensen, senior director at ProtectMyID.

The Dangers of Geotagging and What You Can Do to Protect Yourself

May 11

The Dangers of Geotagging and What You Can Do to Protect Yourself From the Identity Theft Resource Center So you take pictures with your smartphone and post them online. What’s the worst thing that could happen? What personal information could possibly be exposed? Where’s the threat? Unfortunately, even as careful as some people may be about sharing personal information online, they may be unwittingly exposing information through a process called “geotagging”. So how does this data end up on such a public forum as the Internet?

Learn About Scams: Free Airline Tickets

May 09

Social networking links may seem harmless, but when you combine them with a free offer from an unknown source, you have a recipe for identity theft. Recently, some friends of mine have fallen victim to a scam that has been occuring on social sites, like Facebook. One friend of mine saw a link that seemed too good to be true.