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Posts from November, 2010

Skimming Protection Tips

Nov 30

Skimming Protection Tips By now, most of us have heard of skimming. As an identity theft protection advocate, I’ve heard horror stories about many different kinds of skimming, from waiters stealing your card info at restaurants, to gas pump and ATM skimming. Today, I’d like to focus on a very dangerous kind of skimming, the kind that happens at your bank. ATM skimming can be so dangerous because the thief usually gets your card number and your PIN. From what I’ve heard from friends, not many people know what to look for when it comes to identifying a skimming device. The truth is, some are so small they’re virtually undetectable, so you should take the steps mentioned in the video below to protect yourself every time you use the ATM.

Wallets Can Help Protect Against Identity Theft

Nov 24

If you’re looking for advanced methods of physical identity theft protection, look no further than your pocket or purse. A new breed of wallets is emerging, specially designed to help protect your identity. With the holidays around the corner, this type of super-wallet could double as a great gift.

Keeping checking identity theft in check

Nov 22

Keeping checking identity theft in check Check fraud is the copying and/or duplicating of checks for the purpose of purchasing goods or services by using someone else’s identity. The victims of this fraud include financial institutions, businesses who accept checks and the victim who has had their checking account compromised.  The crime begins with the theft of the document. After that, […]

Young adults targeted for identity theft

Nov 19

Young adults targeted for identity theft When I was a Fraud Resolution Agent for, I assisted a young adult who found out he was a fraud victim when he tried to apply for a credit card.  What happened is that he was trying to build his credit and he was denied time after time.  He thought it had to do […]

Experian’s ProtectMyID to provide the keynote address during the Orange County Council on Aging’s Medicare Marketplace

Nov 18

With almost 400,000 Medicare beneficiaries in Orange County, The Council on Aging’s annual Medicare Marketplace is a must-attend event. This free event will offer seniors valuable information about the changes to Medicare for 2011 and best ways to protect themselves from medical identity theft. The event takes place on Friday, November 19, 2010 from 9:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. at The Phoenix Club (1340 South Sanderson Avenue, Anaheim, CA 92806, 714-563-4166).

How To Protect Your Wallet

Nov 17

We’re all so rushed over the holidays – it’s easy to lose your wallet, or for a good thief to grab it quickly. Here’s how to protect yourself. Review these simple steps so that you can react quickly and minimize any damage if you happen to find yourself missing your purse or wallet.

Seasonal Travel and Identity Risks

Nov 15

Keep your identity safe by following these simple tips when flying during the holidays. With the season comes extra travel and extra baggage – all those gifts have to get there somehow! But when you’re packing, keep a few things in mind:

Protecting your Nest Egg from Identity Theft

Nov 12

Protecting your Nest Egg from Identity Theft How to keep your retirement fund safe while identity theft is on the rise Spurred by more electronic record keeping and a greater illegal demand for personal information, identity theft is a crime that has been sweeping the nation.  Another form of identity theft which is also growing affects assets contained in employer contribution retirement […]

Frightening Text Scams

Nov 10

Frightening Text Scams If you receive a frightening text message stating your credit card has been deactivated or that there is a problem with your bank account – don’t return the text. Instead, do what this person did. He received a text message – from what appeared to be from his bank – stating there was a problem […]

Keep Your Mail Safe This Holiday

Nov 08

Chances are, you’ll be sending out at least a few holiday cards, if not packages and more. It’s tempting to stick a few outgoing bills in the mail, or to leave a package outside your door for pickup, but don’t. Identity thieves can easily raid an unsecure mailbox and ‘wash’ the ink off any checks they find, then attempt to rewrite the checks and cash them. During a busy holiday season, tellers are less likely to check each signature, which makes it a great time for thieves to prey. It’s always safest to mail bills directly from the post office, or a secure post office box, if you don’t pay online. The same goes for packages. Unless you have a locked mailroom, or a supervised outgoing mail center, your best bet is to head to the post office. You may have the best neighbors on earth and live in a great neighborhood – but that’s exactly why thieves will target your mail – they’ll count on your complacency. Take the extra step of handing packages straight to your carrier or taking them to your local post office. Yes, it gets hectic and crowded during the season, so try to go at ‘off’ hours – mid-morning or mid-afternoon, instead of the lunch hour.