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USB Drives Facilitate Malware Spread

Sep 17

USB drives are highly convenient data storage devices. While they allow you to easily transport data from one computer to another, they also increase the possibility that you’re not just trading files but perhaps malware, or malicious code, with other computers.

Some malware can detect when a USB drive is plugged in and download itself to the drive. The next time you use the USB drive, the malware will upload itself to that computer. If the malware is capable of logging your keystrokes, the program will send every password or credit card number you enter into the hands of a criminal. To keep your identity and computer safe, follow these tips:

  • Never plug an unfamiliar USB drive into your computer.
  • Use passwords and encryption to protect your data in case your drive is lost or stolen.
  • Choose a USB drive known as a U3 smart devise, many of which come with or are compatible with virus protection software.

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