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New Password Tips

Sep 16

Passwords are often the only thing keeping your personal information safe online. Yet, according to the National Cyber Security Alliance, less than half of home computer users follow standard security recommendations:

  • 37% never change their passwords while only 25% change them quarterly
  • 40% do not use unique passwords for each online account

If you’re worried you’ll never remember a unique password for each account, try developing a system using a short phrase. Use the same system for each account but vary it slightly.

Good password
“time to check email”

Better password
“tiMe To cHeck EmAil”

Best password
“tiM3 To cHec4 EmAi1”

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  1. John Vandehaar
    Oct 06 at 19:02

    I didn’t know you should change your passwords as often as you recommend. I’m guessing more than quarterly is that right? Good idea and I’m going to start on that today. I hate changes but this sounds important.


    Becky Reply:

    Thanks, John! Changing your passwords on a quarterly basis is a good way to avoid getting stuck in a password rut. It’s also another way you can protect your identity! Come back to this blog often for more tips.


  2. Joyce
    Oct 26 at 16:04

    We remember so many different things everyday it’s difficult to remember {as we get older} “What’s my new password this month {or quarter}. What I do is nothing.. Which piece of paper has my new password…It’s easier just to go along with the ones I set up and can recall easily.


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