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Who’s Tracking Whom?

Sep 14

You may use the Internet to track sports teams or news stories. Did you know that search engines and websites are tracking you too?

Nearly every website you visit logs information about your IP address and browser. According to the Electronic Frontier Fountain, more than 8 out of 10 browsers leave behind identifiable fingerprints. In other words, a search engine compiles your every query into a profile related to your specific IP address and therefore, to you.

If you type your full name and Social Security number together in a search field, these two pieces of identifying information will forever be linked as a query from your IP address. This exposes your identity to anyone who may be analyzing your Web behavior for marketing or criminal purposes.

To stay safe, don’t ever conduct searches that link your full name and other identifying information. Also, vary your use of different browsers and computers to avoid having a solid digital profile tied to one search engine and IP address. Never assume you have anonymity or privacy on the Web.

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