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Posts from September, 2010

October is National Cyber Security Awareness Month

Sep 30

There are a lot of things to be scared about in October. New and classic horror films, Halloween parties and decorations remind us that this is the month of fright. However, fears of identity theft shouldn’t be something people are worried about. In fact, October is National Cyber Security Awareness Month.™ is proud to work with organizations like the National Cyber Security Alliance and the Identity Theft Resource Center to help raise awareness about best ways to stay safe online and protect their identities.

Your Local Grocery Store

Sep 28

Your Local Grocery Store When it comes to your credit, you can’t trust anyone. Not even your local grocery store clerk. Just the other day at the park, I had a conversation with my best friend who was shopping at her neighborhood grocery store with her two toddlers in tow. She paid, loaded up and escaped gleefully from the […]

CardSafe Inventory

Sep 23

CardSafe Inventory I just ran across this story where a woman had her wallet stolen twice in one year. Talk about a painful experience.  She reported all of her credit cards stolen, called her bank and filed an identity theft police report both times. What she didn’t realize is that doing all that wouldn’t protect her from […]

Identity Theft and College Campuses

Sep 21

Identity Theft and College Campuses What Students Should Do to Protect Their Identity As parents send their children off to college, they may be advising them to stay out of dark corners, to lock their doors at night, and to travel in groups. While these measures might help them from staying out of dangerous situations, it cannot protect them from […]

USB Drives Facilitate Malware Spread

Sep 17

USB drives are highly convenient data storage devices. While they allow you to easily transport data from one computer to another, they also increase the possibility that you’re not just trading files but perhaps malware, or malicious code, with other computers. Some malware can detect when a USB drive is plugged in and download itself […]

New Password Tips

Sep 16

Passwords are often the only thing keeping your personal information safe online. Yet, according to the National Cyber Security Alliance, less than half of home computer users follow standard security recommendations: 37% never change their passwords while only 25% change them quarterly 40% do not use unique passwords for each online account

Who’s Tracking Whom?

Sep 14

Who’s Tracking Whom? You may use the Internet to track sports teams or news stories. Did you know that search engines and websites are tracking you too? Nearly every website you visit logs information about your IP address and browser. According to the Electronic Frontier Fountain, more than 8 out of 10 browsers leave behind identifiable fingerprints. In other words, a search engine compiles your every query into a profile related to your specific IP address and therefore, to you.

What to Tell Your Children about Online Identity Theft Safety

Sep 09

If you’re a parent, you have likely noticed that your children love being on the Internet. The Web brings the world closer to your children by making school research easier, providing homework help, enabling them to shop online, and facilitating friendships through social networking. Yet, the Internet can also be a dangerous place for minors […] Fraud Case # 13

Sep 07 Fraud Case # 13 Fraud Story: When one mother went to the bank to open a savings account for her 7-year-old daughter, she was informed that her daughter’s Social Security number (SSN) had already been used to open accounts with the bank under another name. After learning this, she signed up and contacted a Fraud Resolution Agent for assistance. With the help of her Agent, Peggy, the customer was able to file an identity theft police report for her daughter and notify the credit reporting agencies of the fraudulent activity associated with her daughter’s SSN.

Working with Your Bank If You’re an Identity Theft Victim

Sep 02

Working with Your Bank If You’re an Identity Theft Victim Many of the largest banks are frequently targeted by identity thieves and in this day and age no one is immune to the possibility of becoming a victim.  I recently read where an identity thief pretended to be his recent victim and got approved for a new debit card which he then activated over the […]