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SMSishing: Scams Sent Directly to Your Mobile Phone

Aug 19


The popularity of SMS text messaging has caught the attention of identity thieves, who are now sending fraudulent text messages that appear to be from a financial institution. 

Just imagine how distraught you would be if you received a text message while on vacation this summer informing you that your credit card had been put on hold. The text message would then ask you to call a phone number or visit a URL to regain access to your account.

Once you follow these instructions, you would likely be asked to provide extensive personal information, such as your account number, address, Social Security number and more of the elements that make identity theft easy for a criminal.

SMSishing is similar to phishing, in which criminals pose as a financial institution via email or phone and ask for your personal information. If you’re ever concerned about your accounts, always call the bank or credit card company directly. Make sure you use the contact information on your statements or cards, not information from a suspicious text message.

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