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Before You Go: Travel Tips

Aug 18

Protecting your identity while traveling means watching over your credit cards and passport at all times, but it also starts before you leave home.

There are several items to scratch off your list of things to take. These include your debit card, Social Security card, birth certificate, checkbook and even your library card.

If you’re traveling domestically, leave your passport at home too. The more identifying documents you carry, the more exposed your identity will be.

Store the documents you leave behind in a secure, locked place. You can also back up your computer as an added precaution. In the event of a break-in and theft, you’ll be able to restore your files. Plus, you’ll have a better idea what the thief can access from your stolen hard drive.

As for the important items you’re taking, make two sets of copies. This includes your credit cards (front and back) and passport in particular. Leave one set of copies in a safe place at home and take the second with you in case your originals are stolen.

If you think ahead, you can easily incorporate identity safety measures in your travel plans.

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Have a happy and healthy summer!

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