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Shoulder Surfin in the USA

Aug 17

Over the weekend I was at the beach enjoying the hot summer day and laying out next to my radio when all of a sudden the Beach Boy song, “Surfin USA” came on.  Even though I’m not from that generation, I enjoyed listening to it.  After the song was over, I decided to get some cash at the nearest ATM machine so I could buy myself a nice cold drink.  As I was waiting in line like everyone else, I could not help but notice crowds of people standing around the ATM machine.  I thought to myself, anyone of these people could be “shoulder surfin USA”.

With summer here, you may find yourself using your debit card more so than often at public ATM machines.  Consequently, your debit card can be at risk.  Identity thieves look for the opportunity to slyly steal your information when you are waiting patiently to use the ATM machine. Beware; an identity thief just may be looking over your shoulder from behind you.  After pulling out your ATM card and entering your pin number they will keep their eyes wide open in order to memorize your information. 

That is why you should always be cautious of your surroundings when using any ATM machine.  When using your ATM card, you should always conceal the view of the person behind you by using your hand when you input your PIN number.  You should also prevent shoulder surfing by shielding information on the screen with your body.