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Looking for a summer job?

Aug 12

Job applications can be a “HOT” item for identity thieves

Summer’s here and you may be thinking about working a part time job just to make some extra cash.  I have a friend who recently filled out a few job applications last week where extra help is needed.  However, because we talk about identity theft, she became weary of all the personal information that the application required.  She told me that she started to realize that she was setting herself up for identity theft.  If these applications got in the wrong hands, there is enough personal information for an identity thief to commit fraud.  

Bear in mind, when you fill out a job application, it has your full name, address, telephone number, driver’s license number, and – in some cases – Social Security number.  Furthermore, it also has background information such as your education, work experience, and personal references which can create a portfolio of resources for an identity thief.

So what did I tell my friend to do to lesson her chances of becoming and identity theft victim?  I told her to keep  applications close to her at all times and not to fill in the social until it was requested (usually when an offer is made).  I told her to make sure not to handover her applications just to anybody and to ask for the manager or the human resources department.  Also, being a member of an identity theft protection product which monitors her credit reports of key changes alleviates the anxiety of providing mandatory information on an application.

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