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Summer Vacation ID Protection Tips

Aug 09

Tips to protect your identity while on vacation

Summer is in the air and you are probably planning out your vacation for some well deserved rest and relaxation in a warm vacation spot.  However, you should be aware that you’re sunny and warm destination can be a hot bed for identity theft.

Identity thieves are everywhere and are known to target unsuspecting tourists who are loose with their personal information.  If you are planning on a summer vacation, be sure to take every possible precaution to keep your identity safe.  Here are some tips for keeping your identity theft out of harm’s way while on vacation:

1. Only carry what’s necessary:  Do you really need all your credit cards and travelers’ checks, or even your passport.  If not, leave them in your hotel safe and carry only what you’ll need.

2. Leave the laptop at home: If your laptop is the computer you primarily use it is likely to have most of your personal information and if it’s lost or stolen you could easily become the victim of identity theft.  Leave your laptop at home – you’re on vacation.

3. Avoid ATM Machines if possible and carry cash: If you really need money, make sure the ATM doesn’t have any strange attachments above or below the card slot, make sure no one is nearby with a cell phone camera, and make sure you cover up the keypad as you type your code.

Your vacation should be a dream come true and not a nightmare. Take care of your personal information at all times and you’ll significantly decrease your odds of becoming a victim of costly identity theft.