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Lessons and stories from the front lines of fighting identity theft.


Posts from August, 2010 Fraud Case Story #12

Aug 31 Fraud Case Story #12 The purpose of this blog series is to educate people about the ways that identities are stolen without revealing confidential information or names of the people who have been affected. Keep in mind, these stories are true (although I have omitted specific details for our members’ protection) and are described by real Fraud Resolution Agents. […]

Fun in the sun……and pickpockets

Aug 26

Fun in the sun……and pickpockets Summer brings fantastic weather in most parts of the states and with this wonderful weather comes crowded theme parks, busy fairs, crammed concerts, teeming airports, and jam-packed rail stations.  What do all these different situations have in common? They all provide the ideal surroundings for pickpockets to steal your identity.   This time of the year […]

Social Networking Privacy Alert: Keep Your Data Safe

Aug 24

You should never share personal information that you couldn’t afford to lose, such as your Social Security number. It’s also wise to not share information typically used in security questions, such as birthdates, mother’s maiden name, address, elementary schools, pet names, and so forth. Read’s recent news release for more tips to protect your online identity.

SMSishing: Scams Sent Directly to Your Mobile Phone

Aug 19

The popularity of SMS text messaging has caught the attention of identity thieves, who are now sending fraudulent text messages that appear to be from a financial institution.

Prepare Your Charge Cards for Travel

Aug 19

Even your credit cards require a little travel preparation, especially if you are going overseas. Select which cards to take in advance. Couples should carry cards from different accounts in case of a problem with one account. Then you can: *Call the number on the back of your card to alert the issuer of your travel plans. A high volume of charges or overseas activity may trigger deactivation

Social Networking on the Go

Aug 18

Social Networking on the Go Use this quick guide to select an appropriate level of security if you plan to use social networking while you’re away from home this summer. If you don’t completely trust everyone in your networks, use caution.

Before You Go: Travel Tips

Aug 18

Before You Go: Travel Tips Protecting your identity while traveling means watching over your credit cards and passport at all times, but it also starts before you leave home.

Shoulder Surfin in the USA

Aug 17

Shoulder Surfin in the USA Over the weekend I was at the beach enjoying the hot summer day and laying out next to my radio when all of a sudden the Beach Boy song, “Surfin USA” came on.  Even though I’m not from that generation, I enjoyed listening to it.  After the song was over, I decided to get some […]

Looking for a summer job?

Aug 12

Looking for a summer job? Job applications can be a “HOT” item for identity thieves Summer’s here and you may be thinking about working a part time job just to make some extra cash.  I have a friend who recently filled out a few job applications last week where extra help is needed.  However, because we talk about identity theft, […]

Summer Vacation ID Protection Tips

Aug 09

Summer Vacation ID Protection Tips Tips to protect your identity while on vacation Summer is in the air and you are probably planning out your vacation for some well deserved rest and relaxation in a warm vacation spot.  However, you should be aware that you’re sunny and warm destination can be a hot bed for identity theft. Identity thieves are […]