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Jul 19

Tips to protecting your personal blog from identity theft

The other day my cousin sent me a link to our “Family Tree” blog which has been in the works for a few months.  I was so excited to click on the link and navigate into my family history and view how we are all related.  As I was viewing my family history, I noticed there was quite a bit of revealing information about us which caused me great concern.  I thought to myself that if an identity thief were to come across this blog, there is enough information about us that can potentially be used for identity theft.  I called my cousin right away and went over some blogging safety tips so our family members can enjoy our blog without the concern of having our information used for fraudulent purposes.

Here are the safety blog tips I went over with my cousin that will help you if you happen to have a personal or family blog:

1. Change your blog settings to private. By changing your blog settings you can select your blog to be removed from blog listings and search engines. By removing your blog from searches your blog cannot be located in search engines such as Google.

2. Never use your  last name anywhere in your blog. This includes your URL address, blog title, and throughout your posts.

3. Never post birthdates, mailing addresses or email addresses on your personal blog or  family blog.  Simple pieces of information such as these can be used for identity theft.

4. Add a web or hit counter to your blog site. Although this will not tell you the names of those viewing your blog, it will allow you to view the IP addresses and where the viewers are located

5. Assume anything you publish on your blog will be permanent and anyone can copy, print, or save it to a computer to be later used for fraud.

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