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Got good credit

Jul 06

Who are more likely to be targeted by identity thieves?  You may think they’re only people who put themselves in a position to have their identities stolen such as leaving a purse in a car or not shredding sensitive documents on a regular basis.  However, fraudsters are becoming more aggressive and savvier than ever. This puts anyone at risk.

Fraudsters not only target people who are careless with their credit or sensitive information, they also target victims with good credit and with high funds in their bank account.  The age groups that would fit this profile that identity thieves aim for are young professionals (21-39) and seniors (50+). 

Young Professionals (21-39)
Identity thieves target this age group because young professionals starting out in their careers are more likely to have a clean credit profile and are starting to establish credit.  There’s less of a chance to be denied instant credit from this age group which identity thieves find desirable.  Also, this age group is less likely to check their bank account statements and credit card bills for any suspicious activity which enables fraudsters’ crimes to go undetected for longer amounts of time.

Seniors (50+)
Seniors are vulnerable to identity thieves since they are more likely to have established good credit.  Seniors are also more likely to have “nest eggs” which attracts identity thieves to steal their bank account information or trick them into a scam so they can get their hand on their funds.

What can you do to help protect your good name and credit?  I suggest you enroll with a product that monitors your credit reports on a daily basis, such as  One benefit of the product is its alerts, which contact you if key changes are made to your credit report or personal identifiable information such as:

1. New accounts opened
2. New applications for credit
3. Address changes reported from multiple sources
4. Public record changes
5. Potentially negative information on credit files
6. Daily Internet scanning for the presence of personal information on the Internet

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  1. diksha
    Jul 12 at 01:31

    establish good credit profile
    establishing a good credit profile is such an important task in the early stages of starting a business.


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