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Lessons and stories from the front lines of fighting identity theft.


Posts from April, 2010

Online Banking Identity Theft

Apr 29

Online Banking Identity Theft Convenience is the key reason why people are opting out of traditional banking for online banking. Millions of people pay their bills or monitor their transactions online and I happen to be one of them.  Banks also benefit from the option of online banking because they can save on operating costs. However, with the popularization […]

Help!!! I suspect my child has a credit file……

Apr 26

Help!!! I suspect my child has a credit file…… What should I do? When I was a Fraud Resolution Agent, not only did we assist adult consumers with identity theft, we also assisted minors who may have been potential fraud victims.  Once we received the proper documents from the legal guardian, we were able to discuss with the parent what prompted the monitoring […]

The Dangers of Social Networking

Apr 22

The Dangers of Social Networking By Karen Barney, communications coordinator, Identity Theft Resource Center To me, the greatest danger of social networking is “parental complacency” – thinking that just because kids are technically savvy enough to navigate through social networking sites, they know how to navigate through them safely.  Just because a teenager can start a car doesn’t mean they […]

At the Doctor’s Office know your medical record rights

Apr 19

At the Doctor’s Office know your medical record rights Recently, my mother changed her medical insurance provider and when she had a doctor’s appointment with her new health care physician he requested she obtain her medical records.   My mother complied and this is how effortless it was for her to request her medical records. All she had to do was show up in person […]

Catch and Release

Apr 15

Catch and Release Tips to Avoiding Phishing Scams Phishing involves a criminal or criminal organization sending fraudulent emails disguised to look like they came from a bank, financial institution, or another reputable organization. Usually, the email will require the recipient to click on a link or update personal information. These links can lead to sites that install malware […]

Why is my child receiving a collection account for a utility bill?

Apr 12

Why is my child receiving a collection account for a utility bill? Having been a past™ Fraud Resolution Agent, I’ve assisted parents whose children’s names and Social Security numbers have been used fraudulently to open up utility accounts.  How most of the parents would find out about this terrible crime is by receiving a bill notification from a collection agency, and even at times, receiving harassing […] Fraud Case Story #7

Apr 09 Fraud Case Story #7 The purpose of this blog series is to educate people about the ways that identities are stolen without revealing confidential information or names of the people who have been affected. Keep in mind, these stories are true (although I have omitted specific details for our members’ protection) and are described by real Fraud Resolution Agents. […]

Driver’s License Fraud

Apr 07

Driver’s License Fraud I keep many things in my wallet. Movie ticket stubs, credit cards, cash and identification. My driver’s license isn’t something that I used to consider particularly valuable, except in the event of being pulled over or using it to prove my age. However, there are driver’s license scams that could affect you without you even […]

Tax Social Security Identity Theft

Apr 05

Tax Social Security Identity Theft With tax season currently here, it’s quite sobering to know that your Social Security number is exposed more so this time of the year than at any other time.  For instance, your Social Security number is vulnerable to potential fraud when you receive your tax return via mail delivery.  Not only that, but fraudsters will […]

Tax Fraud Prevention Tips

Apr 02

Tax Fraud Prevention Tips We are approaching tax season yet again and you are probably thinking about what you’re going to do with your money if you’re lucky enough to receive a refund.  Some of you may be thinking about putting your money away for a rainy day or thinking about that trip you want to take this summer.  […]