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Lessons and stories from the front lines of fighting identity theft. product features help it stand out from the crowd

Mar 17

With the plethora of identity theft monitoring products out there and the FTC barring identity theft protection companies from making deceptive claims, what makes® stand out from the rest?

Features specific to PMID:

1. PMID actively scans the Internet on a daily basis to search for fraudulent use of members’ SSN, credit and debit cards.  Internet scans look for activity on the Web that is not behind a secure site (public records, Web pages, blogs, chat rooms, botnets, etc.)

2. members are automatically registered at no additional cost in Lost Wallet, a feature to protect credit, charge, debit, and ATM cards.  With Lost Wallet, you can call if your cards are lost or stolen and an assigned Fraud Resolution agent will help you cancel them..

With’s ChildSecure™ feature, for an additional fee, members can help protect their minor children from identity theft by closely monitoring their enrolled children’s SSN, credit and personal information.

3. offers protection specifically designed to aid consumers who are victims of medical identity theft.

• Ongoing and daily monitoring for identity theft using insurance policy numbers on the Internet. This will flag suspicious Internet activity involving personal medical information and keep customers informed along the way.

• Dedicated resolution agents are trained to notify and work with health care providers on behalf of members to resolve any theft-related issue. This removes the mystery and uncertainty from dealing with providers and delegates the responsibility to a trained agent. 

• Credit Alerts inform members when medically related collection actions occur.

The superior difference:

1. is part of Experian®, one of the most trusted brands in identity protection.

2. has an alliance with the San Diego–based Identity Theft Resource Center (ITRC), a nonprofit, nationally respected organization dedicated to supporting victims of identity theft and broadening public education of this crime. Through the alliance, the ITRC provides with expertise, staff development seminars and collaboration on various identity theft/protection consumer education initiatives.

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