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Is your Identity Theft Protection Product really what it claims to be?

Mar 15

If you haven’t heard by now, the FTC is cracking down on identity theft monitoring products which deceptively advertise and claim absolute prevention against identity theft.  According to Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan, “…there is unfortunately no foolproof way to avoid ID theft.”  In addition, she also states, “Consumers can take definitive steps to minimize the chances of having their personal information stolen, and this settlement will help them make more informed decisions about whether to enroll in ID theft protection services.”

With that said, if you are looking into or are currently a member of an identity theft monitoring product, here are a few examples of deceptive claims to look out for according to the FTC:

• “By now you’ve heard about individuals whose identities have been stolen by identity thieves . . . We prevent this from ever happening to you. Guaranteed.”

• “Please know that we are the first company to prevent identity theft from occurring.”

• “We work to stop identity theft before it happens.”

So, how can you decipher what you are really paying for in an identity theft monitoring product when there are so many out there?  One product that I highly recommend is®.  Here are some of the benefits and features that offers for a low monthly cost of $9.95 without the deceptive claims:

1. is one of the most comprehensive identity theft, detection, protection and fraud resolution products designed to help consumers prevent the damages caused by identity theft.

2. has multiple layers of defense to help its members protect their identity so they don’t have to worry. monitors members’ credit daily through all three credit bureaus to look for key changes to each member’s credit reports

3. Notification alerts inform members when a change of address occurs so members can verify that the change was legitimate or determine if it came from an unauthorized  source.

4. Access to experienced U.S. Fraud Resolution Agents provides members with invaluable personal assistance in resolving identity theft issues as well as help in the event of a lost or stolen wallet.

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  1. Eric
    Mar 17 at 12:04

    Yes, this is a important message…no product can PREVENT identity theft. There are so many ways it can happen through so many online and offline channels.

    I like to think ID protection as similar to a home burglar alarm. The alarm does not prevent the break in, but the system warns you when someone breaks into the house.

    What’s really interesting is how ID theft “prevention” products make these big claims…and then protect themselves with legal language in the fine print that prevents them from being legally responsible for any ID theft that does happen!


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