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Census Bureau Email Scam Alert

Mar 05

In my years of helping people deal with the aftermath of identity theft I’ve observed several things. The first is that Internet scams are as widespread as the common cold and Cyber criminals will look for any opportunity to steal personal information online.  This also includes taking advantage of the 2010 Census.  Computer users, such as yourself, should be warned to watch out for fake emails claiming to be from the Census Bureau asking for your participation.

According to Ida Love of the U.S. Census Bureau, “The Census Bureau does not communicate with anyone about their questionnaire via email.”  Furthermore, the Census Bureau does not send any email requesting PIN codes, passwords, Social Security numbers or similar access information for credit cards, banks or other financial accounts.

If you receive an email or find a Web site that you suspect is falsely representing the Census Bureau, please keep the following tips in mind.

1. Do not reply or click on any links within the email.

2. Do not open any attachments. Attachments may contain viruses that can infect your computer.

3. Forward any suspicious emails or web site URL’s to the Census Bureau at

4. The FBI which investigates cyber crime has a special website to file a complaint at

For more information regarding the 2010 Census, visit the U.S. Census Bureau online at or at

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  1. Eric
    Mar 11 at 14:47

    This is great input! I actually received an email like this last week. Another clue that these emails are fraudulent is that they tend to land in email spam folders and have strange reply email addresses.


    PMID_Alvin Reply:

    Hello Eric! Thank you for your feedback and for providing us additional information on Census 2010 email scams. Good to know.


  2. jesse Dziedzic
    Oct 20 at 11:07

    I don’t disagree with this article..


  3. Brad Fallon
    Feb 12 at 00:28

    Thankfully some bloggers can write. My thanks for this blog.


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