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Credit Monitoring and Identity Theft Prevention

Feb 26

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Can you imagine receiving a credit card statement for 15 cases of raspberry Jell-O, a rented mule, and a video camera?  Chances are you’ve been a victim of identity theft and never received notification that a new credit card had been opened in your name.

This form of identity theft occurs when a fraudster uses your personal information and Social Security number to establish credit with your good name.  According to a study by Javelin Strategy and Research, 11.1 million Americans have suffered identity theft. In response, numerous companies and financial institutions have stepped in with products to keep tabs on your credit, reimburse you for lost wages or funds, and guard your identity.  One product that has stepped up to the plate is™ which I subscribe to and highly recommend.   Why  These are the features which make PMID a great product to have for less than ten dollars a month:

1. is one of the most comprehensive multi-layered identity theft detection, protection and fraud resolution product designed to help consumers prevent the damages caused by identity theft.

2. PMID sends notification alerts that inform members when a change of address action is initiated so members can verify that the change was legitimate or determine if it came from an unauthorized source.

3. Access to experienced U.S. Fraud Resolution Agents provides members with invaluable personal assistance in resolving identity theft issues as well as help in the event of a lost or stolen wallet.

4. is part of Experian, one of the most trusted brands in identity protection.

Prevent yourself from becoming an identity theft victim and look into so you don’t end up paying for other people’s actions.