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Chocolate, Flowers and Identity Theft

Feb 10


This upcoming Valentine’s Day, be extra cautious when opening up those E-cards you will receive in your email inbox.   Be wary of any e-mails you receive from unknown senders and do not open any unsolicited e-mails or click on any links provided.

This week, I received an E-card directing me to click on a link which appeared to be from a popular E-card website. Once there, I was presented with a message informing me that I didn’t have the latest Flash Player and in order to view the E-Card I would have to install it. I didn’t fall for it because the web URL of the website wasn’t identical to the official website and I always pay careful attention to details like that.

Furthermore, my Flash Player is always up to date and no fake E-Card is going to fool me into thinking otherwise.  Lastly, the fake E-Card email didn’t have my name on it which tells me that it could have gone out to millions of people in the hopes that a few might fall for it.  All of these were red flags to me that someone was trying to commit  identity theft against me.

So pay attention when you open your email E-cards this Valentine’s  Day or you might end up providing a window into your computer that anyone can crawl through.

Note: If you happen to receive an identity theft E-card that you are suspicious about or happen to fall victim to one, please file a complaint at