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Lessons and stories from the front lines of fighting identity theft. Fraud Case Story #2

Jan 27

Credit Card Fraud

The purpose of this blog series is to educate people about the ways that identities are stolen without revealing confidential information or names of the people who have been affected. 

Keep in mind, these stories are true (although I have omitted specific details for our members’ protection) and are described by real Fraud Resolution Agents. It is up to you if you are going to be proactive to protect yourself from identity theft after reading this post.  

Fraud Case: 
A victim’s credit cards are compromised by a fraudster.

Fraud Story
A member received a phone call from a policeman to notify the member that credit cards belonging to the victim were compromised. The policeman explained to the victim that they had pulled over a suspect in a stolen car that was low-jacked.  While making the arrest, the policeman discovered the suspect had several people’s credit card information which also belonged to the member.  The fraudster had used the credit card information to purchase gift cards.

What the Fraud Resolution Agent assisted the fraud victim with:
The Fraud Resolution Agent assisted the victim with contacting the victim’s credit card institutions to close the compromised accounts and have new credit cards re-issued.  The agent also assisted the victim with placing fraud alerts and filing an identity theft police report.

As an identity theft victim advocate, if you happen to be in a predicament such as this one, I would also suggest you place passwords on your accounts if any of your credit cards are compromised.  In addition, to avoid the stress of having to resolve a fraud issue on your own, I suggest looking into a monitoring program such as which also alerts you of any key changes made to your credit reports.

Look out for the next fraud case story posting on 2/8/2010.

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  1. Damien
    Jan 28 at 17:38

    Word to the wise… I’ve recently had 2 friends who lost their pda/cell phones. On their devices they stored all their bank account information and their personal information (including their social security numbers and the social security numbers of their kids!). Don’t ask me why they stored all of this sensitive information on something that can be so easily lost or stolen as a cell phone or pda – they say it didn’t occur to them that those devices would ever fall into the wrong hands. They never got their pdas back, and now they’ve learned their lesson to never store such info on their new pdas. Talk about putting yourself at risk!


    ID-Alvin Reply:

    Hello Damien! I agree with you. It is a lesson learned not to store such sensitive information on your Smartphone or laptop because you never know if that kind of information will get in the wrong hands.


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