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It’s “National Financial Wellness Month”, start being proactive!!

Jan 22


January marks National Financial Wellness Month and, in today’s economy, now is definitely the time for you to pay close attention to your financial health. Now, more than ever, it is important to be smart with your income and protect your nest egg that you worked so hard to build. Just because the economy falters doesn’t mean that you have to. You can take control of securing your most valuable asset – your identity. Here are some suggestions to take in the New Year to protect your financial health and wellness:

1. Educate yourself on the different kinds of identity theft and scams that are out there. Besides this blog, another good resource for trustworthy information about identity theft is the Identity Theft Resource Center.

2. Review your monthly credit card and banking statements. Make sure that every transaction was done by you; otherwise contact the appropriate institution immediately to start a fraud claim.

3. Shred documents that contain your personal information before throwing them away. This involves the proper disposal of receipts, bills, bank statements, credit card applications and any other paper materials that can potentially be used for identity theft.

4. Safeguard your identity by enrolling into a program such as™ which is one of the most comprehensive multi-layered identity theft detection, protection and fraud resolution product designed to help consumers prevent the damages caused by identity theft.

Keep in mind – this should be a daily, monthly, and yearly proactive habit.

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  1. HappygoLucky
    Jan 22 at 12:24

    How about protecting my online persona or ‘reputation’ through social media. What kind of security do those sites have? I recently read an article about how Facebook has had recent law suits over privacy and sharing of individual information. It would be great to have a way to protect our social media personas too.


  2. Bill Johnson
    Jan 22 at 13:16

    I don’t monitor my statements as much as I should but I do have a monitoring service so I feel I don’t have to review everything all the time.


  3. jen b
    Jan 22 at 13:44

    Thanks for the links, they are really helpful. I often forget about my finances since everything is electronic. I will look into it this weekend!


  4. Alli
    Jan 22 at 14:19

    I’m going to create an online account with my bank with and check my transactions every day. Thanks for this informative article.


  5. ID-Alvin
    Jan 22 at 14:27

    Hello! Great question – recently we posted an entry about privacy settings on Facebook on 1/08 which you may want to read. It’s an informative article on how you can set your privacy settings on Facebook. Here’s a link with additional information as well – hope this helps.


  6. ID-Alvin
    Jan 22 at 14:31

    It would be good practice to start reviewing your credit reports and statements on a daily basis, if not, maybe every other day. That way, if there is any activity that looks suspicious you can be proactive and take action before the fraud issue escalates.


  7. ID-Alvin
    Jan 22 at 14:33

    Hello Jen! We are happy to hear that you got some insight on this entry and that you will start to be proactive on monitoring your finances.


  8. ID-Alvin
    Jan 22 at 14:34

    Hello Alli! You are welcome and we hope you share this information with your family and friends.


  9. Scott
    Jan 22 at 19:10

    Great ideas. I’m adding this to my to-do calendar as a re-occuring activity. Life being as busy as it is, this is so easy to forget !


  10. ID-Alvin
    Jan 22 at 19:15

    Hello Scott! It’s great that you are being proactive.


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