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Protecting your Blackberry from identity theft

Jan 04


The Blackberry is a device used by millions of people for texting, exchanging emails, storing contact information, and for surfing the Internet.  With this ever growing aggressiveness towards mobility, the Blackberry (or other Smart Phone) has become the keyword for present day communication. We’ve gotten so addicted to these handheld devices, it’s no wonder they’ve picked up the nickname, “CrackBerry.”

With that said, remember you’re holding a mine of personal information on your Blackberry.  The increased use of your mobile phone gives hackers and scammers new ways to steal your data and personal information. Therefore, taking the same security measures as you would on your PC is just as important for your BlackBerry.

Here are some tips you can do to make your BlackBerry safer from identity theft:

1.) Enable Password Protect – As part of enhancing security of your BlackBerry, you should have a password protection.  On your BlackBerry:
– Follow the menu through Options
– Security Options
– General Settings – This is where you set the password to enabled. Using this menu, you can set the number of password attempts and security timeout.

2.) Encrypt Data  – On your BlackBerry:
– Follow the menu through Options
– Security Options
–  General Settings
– In the item which says Content Protection, set the value as enabled and select the strength to strong, stronger or strongest.

3.) Clearing Memory – This option lets you delete sensitive data such as unencrypted email messages and user ID /password combinations.
– Follow the menu through Options
– Security Options
– Memory Cleaning

4.) Secure Passwords with the Password Keeper Utility – This is an important tip, never save user ID and passwords in your BlackBerry.  However, if you wish to save your user ID and passwords, you should use the Password Keeper Utility.

With the above tips, you can protect your BlackBerry against identity theft. What are the other security tips you recommend for a BlackBerry phone?