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Posts from December, 2009

Holiday Pickings

Dec 07

Are you planning to do most of your holiday shopping at the mall this year?  If so, please be wary of pickpockets.   Pickpockets have become as much a part of our holiday tradition as the department store Santa.  With Christmas as a prime time for thieves, pickpockets will have a field day in a crowded […]

Holiday Get Togethers

Dec 04

What I most enjoy about Christmas are the party invites you get from family and friends.  I try to attend all of them, but if I don’t make it to all, I anticipate seeing everyone at my holiday party.  When I plan my get together, I have a long to-do list including trips to the […]

Gift Card Scam

Dec 02

Gift cards are a popular form of holiday gift giving. I personally would rather get a gift card than some of the more interesting clothing selections I’ve received from a certain aunt. If you are considering sharing holiday cheer with gift cards, be careful when selecting them for your friends and loved ones. Thieves have […]