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Holiday Pickings

Dec 07

Holiday Pickings

Are you planning to do most of your holiday shopping at the mall this year?  If so, please be wary of pickpockets.   Pickpockets have become as much a part of our holiday tradition as the department store Santa.  With Christmas as a prime time for thieves, pickpockets will have a field day in a crowded mall.

People are pick pocketed every day in alarming numbers according to various statistics. When it comes to this crime, there’s danger in numbers.   What happens in a busy mall is that people are bumped and jostled by everyone else that a victim would never notice a professional pickpocket slyly stealing a wallet.  Even worse, once a victim has realized they have been pick pocketed there is no way to track it to anyone because a pickpocket has a way of blending in with a crowd. 

Whenever I’m at the mall during the holiday seasons, these are a few helpful tips I always keep in mind while shopping:

1. I don’t flash cash in public places after going to the ATM or fumble with a wad of cash when paying for something.  This is a red flag for pickpockets.

2. I always keep my money, credit cards and ID in a secure spot. 

3. I don’t keep my wallet or valuables in a backpack. Thieves can easily slip their hands in without you even knowing it.

4. I avoid looking like a target. Thieves look for people who are disheveled, distracted or disorganized.

With a little extra caution, you can enjoy worry-free shopping at the mall this holiday season.