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Holiday Get Togethers

Dec 04

Holiday Get Togethers

What I most enjoy about Christmas are the party invites you get from family and friends.  I try to attend all of them, but if I don’t make it to all, I anticipate seeing everyone at my holiday party.  When I plan my get together, I have a long to-do list including trips to the grocery store, sending invitations, and putting together party favors. 

On the top of that to-do list is safe proofing my home from identity theft.  You probably never thought of adding such a task to a “to-do list” when you coordinate a party but it should be an important one to add.  We’d all like to believe the people we know wouldn’t steal from us.  However, various statistics prove that identity theft is committed by someone the victim knows, and you could be at risk when you have so many people in your home during the holidays.  Not only that, you could be at greater risk if your family or friends bring people along that you don’t really know. It makes it very easy for an identity thief in your home to pocket a check book that’s on your desk or a bank statement in your filing cabinet and you wouldn’t notice because you would be too busy entertaining.

I’m not saying that you need to monitor your family and friends’ every move while they are in your home.  That would be an awkward situation and could definitely change the mood of the party.  What I am recommending is to protect your home.

Suggestion: Before you have your holiday party, you should shred every document that you don’t need with your personal information on it.  In addition, lock up your valuables, credit cards, and checkbooks in a safe or filing cabinet.

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