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Lessons and stories from the front lines of fighting identity theft.


Posts from December, 2009

After Christmas online shopping

Dec 30

Now that Christmas has come to an end, the best part has just begun – after Christmas online shopping sales.  The marked down prices make it easy for you to get items you wanted for yourself, family or friends but were just waiting till after the holiday for the prices to be marked down.  However, […]

Eating out may cost you more than the bill and tip

Dec 28

Can you imagine receiving your banking or credit card statement and coming across unauthorized charges after eating at a restaurant?   This was the case for a victimized couple who reviewed their statement and discovered fraudulent purchases made for televisions, iPods and gift cards.  It turns out the restaurant waiter that served them had used a […]

Holiday Package Scams

Dec 25

During Christmas, I receive gifts from family members and friends by package delivery.  It’s exciting when you open the door and notice a person wearing a brown uniform requesting a signature from you before they hand you the gift. However, during one of the busiest times of the year for sending and receiving packages, you […]

Uncharitable Charity Scams

Dec 23

One of the biggest times for giving is the Christmas season.  Since this is a time of thinking of others, many people take this time to make a yearly contribution to a favorite charitable organization.  Unfortunately, there are scammers taking advantage of good-hearted people by pretending to represent a reputable charitable organization.  During the holiday […]

WiFi at Coffee Shops

Dec 21

The other day I was at my favorite coffee shop and was struck by the fact that Christmas is just around the corner.  The holiday cheer in the store was almost tangible as I looked at the festive decorations, smelled the holiday coffee themed beverages, and noticed the crowds of people wearing their preferred winter […]

Leave your purses at home!

Dec 18

Just a reminder to keep an eye and hand on your purses this time of year.   It’s the holiday season and while you may be ready to do some giving, crooks want to do some taking – by snatching your purse.  According to the FBI, purse snatching has been steadily going up in recent years. […]

Hotel Stay

Dec 16

This New Year, I plan on visiting my best friend in New York and I want to stay at a hotel on Time Square to be in the middle of all the excitement.  What I enjoy about staying in hotels are the amenities such as room service and wake up calls.  I also like that […]

The Gift of Identity Monitoring

Dec 14

Christmas day is right around the corner and you may find yourself stressing out about what to give your closest friends. Are you getting tired of dealing with the crazy crowds at the mall?  Are you getting annoyed standing in endless lines?  Do you feel like trying to find that perfect gift is too much […]

Hot spot for identity theft

Dec 11

This holiday, you may be invited to happy hour with coworkers or a get together among your closest friends at a local night club or bar.  It’s a convenient way for everyone to meet up and unwind without the stress of hosting a holiday get together in your home.  Yet, did you know that identity […]

Credit Card within Sight

Dec 09

It’s always important to take steps to protect yourself from identity theft, but even more so during the holidays. As you begin your Christmas shopping, you may begin to use your credit cards more than usual. Not only that, I’ve noticed that there happens to be something about the holidays which puts people at ease […]