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Lessons and stories from the front lines of fighting identity theft.


Posts from November, 2009

Don’t let identity theft ruin your retirement plans

Nov 06

When you reach a certain age, you’ll probably start to really focus on retirement plans, health insurance and collecting Social Security.  You may also plan your retirement with visions of having a Pina Colada in hand under a palm tree somewhere in the Bahamas.  What you don’t normally think about is having identity theft being […]

Work at home scams lead to identity theft

Nov 04

Just the other day I got an email from a company offering me money to be a “mystery shopper.” I would shop at some of my favorite stores, give this company feedback about their service, and get to keep what I bought. It sounded so good, I almost signed up. I really don’t know what […]

Credit Card Memorization at the Drive Thru

Nov 02

Nowadays, I never use cash. I even use my credit card at the drive thru. It’s so smooth I never even thought about the risk – until now. Just the other day, I read about a woman just like me, she was in a rush and all about convenience. She never even considered that in […]