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Unwarranted Warrants

Sep 25

Uwarranted Warrants

Have you ever checked to see if you have any arrest warrants? I’d bet most people probably have not. Well, turns out even if you are a good guy, you could have warrants and not even know it.

This sad soul recently thought he was being pulled over for speeding. Instead he was hauled off to jail based on warrants for crimes he never committed. When it comes to identity theft, most people automatically think about how it affects credit. Who even thinks about the impact identity theft could have on their criminal record? If a criminal is carrying your stolen identification when they commit a crime, the damage to your record could be done. And let’s face it; most criminals are not that honest.

It’s a good idea for everyone to be sure there are no warrants looming out there for them. It becomes even more important if you have ever had your wallet stolen or have been a victim of other types of fraud or identity theft.

You can search for warrants at your local courthouse or there are several companies online that specialize in this service. Some are free and others charge so really research before choosing one that works for you.  Most importantly, make sure you choose one that runs a national search since you have no idea of knowing where someone may have committed a crime using your identity. Also, some of these companies will let you do searches on other people. So, if you want to run a check on a potential nanny, tenant, or even your spouse, you can do that too.

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