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Lessons and stories from the front lines of fighting identity theft.


Posts from September, 2009

Mail Scams for Stealing Identities

Sep 30

Here’s a crazy case that we’ve never heard of before. A consumer recently received a letter in the mail from his credit card company recommending that he sign up for identity theft protection. Hearing so much about the growing risk of identity theft, he filled out the paperwork and returned it. The form requested specific […]

Do you credit check?

Sep 28

How often do you actually check your credit report? Most likely, you don’t check it at all. A few of you may take the time to check it annually, maybe even less if you check it three times a year, since that’s what you can do for free if you understand the system. But is […]

Unwarranted Warrants

Sep 25

Have you ever checked to see if you have any arrest warrants? I’d bet most people probably have not. Well, turns out even if you are a good guy, you could have warrants and not even know it. This sad soul recently thought he was being pulled over for speeding. Instead he was hauled off […]

Grocery Store Credit Nightmare

Sep 23

When it comes to your credit, you can’t trust anyone. Not even your local grocery store clerk. Just the other day at the park, I heard about this average mom who was shopping at her neighborhood grocery store with her two toddlers in tow. She paid, loaded up and escaped gleefully from the gum and […]

New Born Babies Targeted for Identity Theft

Sep 21

Imagine this scenario…you go to the hospital to have your first baby. It is a thrilling moment and the happiest in your life. One year later, you find out your one year old son has a home in his name in another state. He was a victim of identity theft before he ever learned to […]

Online Car Auction Scam

Sep 18

For all you shoppers out there who buy everything online – including new cars – here’s one reason you might want to think twice before making such a large purchase through online auction. One consumer recently bid on a car on a web-site well known for selling automobiles and other merchandise at auction. The woman […]

Sweetheart Scammers

Sep 16

Dating is hard enough without the potential of crime attached to it. Imagine going out on a date and having your identity stolen. That’s what happened to one nice guy who finished last. He’s on a date with a girl he knew, but not too well. She suggests they meet up at the mall. She […]

New Warning About Airline Ticket Fraud

Sep 14

Now you have one more thing to worry about when it comes to flying. This poor woman just discovered airline tickets on her credit card statement for a trip out of the country that she never even took. Because the tickets were purchased in another country with her U.S. – issued credit card, the case […]

New Report Finds Data Breach Numbers Way Up

Sep 11

It looks like data breaches aren’t going away any time soon. More electronic records were breached in 2008 than the previous four years combined, according to the “2009 Verizon Business Data Breach Investigations Report” (DBIR) released in April.  Big or small, it seems no business is exempt from the crime. Network Solutions recently reported in […]

House Stealing

Sep 10

As if it’s not enough for identity thieves to steal money from your checking account or rack up bills on your credit card – now they want your house too. In one case I just heard about, a husband and wife got documents in the mail that led them to discover that someone was trying […]