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Lessons and stories from the front lines of fighting identity theft.


Posts from August, 2009

Keeping a Wallet Inventory

Aug 28

So we just ran across this story where a woman had her wallet stolen twice in one year. Talk about a painful experience.  She reported all of her credit cards stolen, called her bank and filed a police report both times. What she didn’t realize is that doing all that wouldn’t protect her from having […]

Dumpster Diving and Identity Theft

Aug 27

My Grandma used to shred everything. She even cut address labels off of junk mail. Maybe she wasn’t old-fashioned like I thought. Maybe she was actually ahead of the curve. Identity theft is a $50 billion a year industry that continues to expand its reach.  There is a lucrative black market for stolen identities and […]

Social Media and Identity Theft

Aug 03

If you regularly post pictures, video and other data on the Internet or are a regular user of social media or social networking sites, it is important to be aware that you may put yourself at a greater risk of social identity theft. Social Media ID theft happens when someone poses as you in order […]