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Divorces at Greater Risk of Identity Theft

Jul 15


Not only can divorce be difficult on an emotional and a financial level as well, but it can also be dangerous for your identity.  There are cases where a spouse will steal the identity of their own ex-spouse.

Many or even most divorces end badly. A disgruntled ex has access to all of your personal information and may not feel bad about destroying your credit. Divorce is stressful enough. In order to avoid financial strain as well, there are some precautions you can take.

Best case scenario, all shared accounts should be closed after a divorce. Of course, that may not be possible with mortgages or large loans, so it is recommended that you monitor those accounts monthly with a type of service that updates you immediately if there are any inquiries or changes to your credit report. Also, you should change all personal pin codes or pass codes and even request for account number changes whenever possible.

Most importantly, be aware that as a divorced person, you may be at a greater risk of identity theft and you should take the necessary precautions. Divorce is messy enough. You don’t need your credit messed up too.