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Lessons and stories from the front lines of fighting identity theft.


Posts from July, 2009

Credit Cards Keep Showing Up in Mail

Jul 31

Recently a consumer was concerned about her credit after several new credit cards arrived in the mail. The credit cards were for various companies and the consumer had never applied for any of them. Unfortunately, this happens a lot. Credit cards arriving in the mail are a red flag that your identity has been stolen. […]

Medical ID Theft Can Have Deadly Impact

Jul 29

Just when you think you’ve heard every identity theft scenario, one like this pops up. Recently a consumer received a credit monitoring alert regarding a collection or delinquency on their account. After further review, the consumer learned the unpaid bills were for medical services provided to a toddler. Not only were the charges not for […]

Home Break-Ins Lead to ID Theft

Jul 27

Imagine you come home one night to discover a back window is open. You glance around. Nothing appears to be missing. Nothing is broken or out of place. You forget about it and go to bed. It is not until six months later when you are preparing for a trip out of the country that […]

Turning Your Computer Off Could Protect You From ID Theft

Jul 15

For everyone out there worried about identity theft, here’s an odd one.  In this situation, someone realized that a phony shipping account had been set up in their name. Dozens of packages were mailed out under the account – some that included checks. The shipping account was set up entirely online using only the victim’s […]

Can Paying Off Debt Lead to ID Theft?

Jul 15

You think you are getting ahead. Tying up loose ends. You pay off your debt and cut up your cards. Your breath a big sigh of relief. Ahhh…. But what if in doing this good thing, you actually made yourself a bigger target for identity theft? This happens more often than you would think. A […]

Divorces at Greater Risk of Identity Theft

Jul 15

Not only can divorce be difficult on an emotional and a financial level as well, but it can also be dangerous for your identity.  There are cases where a spouse will steal the identity of their own ex-spouse. Many or even most divorces end badly. A disgruntled ex has access to all of your personal […]